Great Ocean Road | The Twelve Apostles

Great Ocean Road 1 Day Adventure

Location: Great Ocean Road

Activity: Sightseeing

Highlights: All of our tours include the following:

  • Coaches equipped with Air-Conditioning, TV, Toilet*
  • Enthusiastic English-speaking tour leader
  • A fun, interactive experience with added prizes
  • A FREE souvenir for each person
  • See Local Wildlife
  • Photograph opportunities throughout the day
  • Stops along the way. Get off the bus

* Toilets subject to availability

8:15 am - Depart Flinders St Station
Plan to meet at 180 St Kilda at 8:00am. This will give you enough time to meet your new fellow tour mates and your friendly tour leader. It also means when the bus rolls in at 8:15am, we are good to get on the road to The Great Ocean Road.
10:00 am - First Stop Anglesea
Anglesea is our first beach side stop. Here we have a break off the bux, explore the town and grab a bite to eat for up to 30 minutes. Anglesea Township: A surf town, located 100km west of Melbourne. The town’s golf-course is renowned for is resident population of eastern grey kangaroos which grze on the fairways.
10:45 am - Arrive at Memorial Arch
A short 15-minute scenic drive down the Great Ocean Rd and we arrive at Memorial Arch. This is the entrance to The Great Ocean Rd. Here the tour leader will provide some fun, historical facts about this momentous arch, whilst you can take a sneaky selfie photo.
12:00pm - Arrive at Kennett River
After a breathtaking drive down the Great Ocean Road, passing through Lorne, we arrive at the famous Kennett River. Here you are able to handfeed a variety of colourful birds and more than likely be able to spot one of the habitat’s wild koalas. It’s a 30-minute activity, then we’re off to Apollo Bay.
1:10pm - Lunch at Apollo Bay
Apollo Bay is where the forest meets the sea. It’s located on the footsteps of the Otway Ranges, one of Australia’s best and most luscious rainforests. Here we will stop for lunch at a great local cafe. From here you can stroll about the town. If we’re lucky, there is a chance we will see whales swimming off the coast here!
3:45pm - 12 Apostles
600 years in the making. The 12 8 apostles are one of the natural wonders of the world. Take a breathtaking walk along boardwalks or climb down Gibson’s steps to the beach at low tide, to take these majestic looking cliff faces at sea level.
4:40pm - Loch Ard Gorge
A shipwreck, a makeshift cemetery, the legend of Tom Pierce. The fascinating history of Loch Ard Gorge will be explained in all its detail by your tour leader. He will leave no stone unturned in the factual recount of what happened on that frightful night on June 1, 1878. This is by far our favourite part of the journey down the Great Ocean Road.
5:15pm - The Journey Home
Practice your newly learnt Aussie slang. Exchange photos and stories from the day with your new mates. The tour leader will give a quiz to see who was paying attention throughout the day. There will be prizes! Arrive back at Flinders St station at 8:15pm.